Alpha Lipoic Acid Benefits

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In our effort to increase out bodies circulation so that we can improve our perceived energy levels; the benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid come to mind.

  1. Helps treat hypertension
  2. Treats diabetes
  3. Lose weight
  4. Protects the brain
  5. Helps treat skin damage

1) Hypertension

Having high blood pressure effects a lot of people. Maybe even you? There are prescription drugs that may help, or may not help. The issue is high blood pressure is trying to figure out what is the cause. Stress? Heart damage? Poor circulation? You don’t move around very much?

Lots of things, but don’t feel bad. Alpha lipoic acid may help increase blood flow, and therefore, may help with hypertension. Always get the advice of your Doctor before trying any vitamin or supplement.

2) Treats Diabetes

Alpha-lipoic acid helps reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics and balancing blood sugar in people without diabetes. Always get the advice of your Doctor before trying any vitamin or supplement.

3) Helps you lose weight

It’s not a major player in weight-loss. It’s not going to give you that beach body. But, you may help you shed a few pounds per year. How does it do this? Well, it increases the intake of “glucose” into your muscles. It’s subtle, but if you do other things, like move around more, you’ll shed some pounds.

3) Protects the brain

It slows the aging process. Obvious, more data will be needed, but it might be able to keep your sharp for a few more years. It neutralizes free radicals and increases blood flow in your brain.

5) Alpha Lipoic Acid Benefits For Skin

You’re not going to look like a kid when you’re in your 50s, but it’ll help reduce your wrinkles when applied topically. Be sure to read the label and make sure you’re not applying the wrong amount or another ingredient that may do some damage. Be smart about it. But it’ll help with wrinkles and skin dark spots. Here’s the data on that: external link.

You just learned about the Alpha Lipoic Acid Benefits

Hopefully you have enough to go by. Always get your Doctor(s) advice before taking any supplements.

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